September 2013

                                        (18 months experience)

Founder and Responsible of Tennis Evolution. Sheraton Hôtel & Resort, Rio de Janeiro BRAZIL.


– My role is to manage the school, to develop projects and the loyalty of the players. Moreover, I use to train my partner and players with competition levels. Responsible of communication, management, forming of players, and school development through projects.


                                    March 2010

                                           (3 years experience)

Professional Tennis Teacher, Head of the Mini-Tennis section.

Paris Golf Country Club, Paris FRANCE.


  • My role is to improve education and skills of the Mini-Tennis section in the aim to become a major formatting club for the Parisian area.

Summer 2010

(3 months experience)

Responsible of the Tennis section in a summer camp.Action Tennis company, FRANCE.


  • Saint Cyprien, FRANCE (1 month).
  • Royal Hospital School, UK (1 month).
  • Swanage international college, UK (1 month).

Summer 2008 & 2009

(4 months experience)

Professional Tennis Teacher, Summer Stage.Tennis Club of Dourdan, FRANCE.

2007 – 2008

Host for the French Open.Onet Security, Roland Garros FRANCE.

2006 – 2008

Tennis Teacher for a communal association.

  • 4 hours a week during 2 years.
  • For a youth population (from 6 to 15 years old).

2001 (May & June)

Ball for the French Open.Roland Garros, FRANCE.





DEJEPS Tennis,French National Diploma of Professional Tennis Teacher

2008 – 2009

HELB Brussels University

  • First year of Physiotherapy.


BACCALAUREAT « Scientifique ». Equivalent to a General Certificate in Education Advanced Levels.

  • Major in Sciences.




Languages :

  • English : Good Skills (both speaking and writing).
  • French : Mother tongue.
  • Spanish : Moderate.
  • Portuguese : Good Skills.




  • Sports in general. Competitive tennis player during 11 years.
  • Highest Tennis Ranking: 5/6 in the French Ranking System.
  • Trips : Italy, Spain, UK, Belgium, Netherland, Greece, Rusia, Brazil,…. : For both tourism and linguistic purpose.